Shoes and shoes and shoes OH MY!

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Shoes …

I have worked in the comfort shoe industry long enough to know how important it is to fit a shoe.  I haven’t worked in a children’s store as long, but it only takes a day to watch a parent have a melt-down over fitting their toddler’s shoes to realize….  


Fitting your baby’s, toddler’s, or kid’s shoes should be fun, especially when it’s the first time! If you are frustrated don’t just guess. If you convince your child that they like the shoe and tell them how great the shoes are,  you will NEVER know if they really do feel good on their feet.


Here at The Red Wagon we like to make things nice and easy for everyone, so below is a list of some tips and recommendations that we hope help. Although, I will miss hearing “You should serve Bloody Marys while trying on shoes”

lets start with the babies…

  • On average your baby’s feet grow 1/2 size every 2-3 months
  • The Width of your pinky finger is a good way to check for growing space between the end of their big toe and front of the shoe
  • First walkers need a shoe that is very flexible; however, make sure there is enough of a sole to protect their little feet outside

Next comes the toddlers and kids

  • On average your toddler/child’s feet grow 2 sizes a year
  • A Thumbs width of space is about 1/2 a size and is a good amount of growing space to have when buying a shoe
  • Some styles of shoes will require aOr as close to right on as you can get, which mean less growing space (Mary janes, Ballet flats, and any shoe that will slip or doesn’t have laces/Velcro).

Important tips for ANY shoe buyer

  • EVERYONE should be measured before buying new shoes. Your feet change even when your done growing. Lucky for your and your child The Red Wagon has a brannock here!
  • Children’s shoes should always be bought with room to grow, we never want their toes to touch the end of the shoe.
  • ALWAYS try on the shoes before buying them! All brands and styles run differently and you may need to try a few before finding the perfect fit!

We hope this helps with your shoe fitting panics, melt downs and worries!

Here are some of the many shoes we have right now for you @Theredwagon


Hot Hot Hot!!

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Welcome Wagons are HOT this Morning at the Wagon! Three ordered already! Come customize yours here is a picture of one we put together for a client!

Welcome Wagon…

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Do you ever find yourself at a baby shower perusing the gift table choosing where to put yours? Should you put it next to the I need a Hobby… over achievers gift? Maybe next to the gift that looks like a 4-year-old wrapped it? Or just next to the generic gift that looks like 80% of the others? As you cruise down that long table full of goodies chances are your going by each one guessing what is in it and secretly (or loudly depending on how many mimosa’s you have had)  judging how it looks and what the gift is only to make yourself feel like a rock-star gift giver!

Want to feel like a rock-star gift giver and be one…?

The Red Wagon (yes I will say my store name as much as I can to grind it into your heads!) we have what is called a “Welcome Wagon” it is the PERFECT gift and I’m not just saying that because its my job! For $23.00 you can get a mini Radio Flyer wagon and fill it with anything and everything you want, then just sit back grab a coffee relax while we wrap it up for you!

This gift will most likely have you walking into the next baby shower with your head held high right over to that towering table of presents where you will discretely move them all around to showcase yours on top of a pyramid (think cheerleader pyramid with your welcome wagon on top!)

Not In Boston? Not a problem!  You can give The Red Wagon a call and we can ship your Wagon! Either way your gift will make the over achieving gift look ordinary and your baby shower Momma will appreciate all of your thought and creativity enough to probably name her first-born after you!… well probably not but she will love it!